Candy Corn
Just like the candy looks and
smells.  Really sweet with no
Clean Cotton

light blue
The natural fragrance of the
cotton plant in the outdoors.
Forget Me Not

A light, sweet full fragrance
of the fresh bloom.
Mystery candle
The candle of many colors
and fragrances.  Each layer is
a different color and fragrance
Reindeer Poo
A delightful
Christmas fragrance
for your friends
with pets.  A medium
strength aroma with
the fragrance of the
sweet outdoors.

Color: Red
The flavorful scent
of the real flower.

color: blue
The smell of a water
spray. A light,
sweet clean aroma.
A refreshing scent of the full
bloom flower.
These candles are the same excellent quality.
Limited quantities.
They are being placed on the Clearance page due to
being a seasonal scent or a scent we no longer make.
ONLY $4.50 each