Lavender is the most loved aromatic used in aromatherapy today.

Key qualities: calming, relaxing, soothing, restorative, balancing,
cleansing, purifying, antidepressant

Benefits: Hypertension, Stress, Nervous tension, Insomnia, Migraines,
Depression, Headaches, Asthma

Fun fact: In the 12th century, German herbalist Hildegarde von Bingen
declared that lavender was good for maintaining a pure character.
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Key qualities: Stimulating, refreshing, clearing, regulating, purifying

Benefits: Asthma, respiratory system, headaches, debility, neuralgia,
insect repellent
Key qualities: Stimulant (nervous and mental), analgesic, tonic to the
nervous system, strengthening, restorative, purifying, protective,
reviving, refreshing

Benefits: Antidepressant, headaches, nervous exhaustion,
stress-related disorders, colds, flu, infections, respiratory disorders

Fun fact: The British used to wear rosemary around their neck to
prevent colds, & also wrapped it around their right arms to lift spirits.
Key qualities: Refreshing, restorative, nerve tonic, aphrodisiac,
stimulant (mental)
Benefits: Headache, migraines, mental fatigue, nervous stress,
respiratory system, colds, flu, insect repellant

I have heard it said smelling peppermint can decrease the appetite.
Benefits: Increases and sharpens mental powers, restores energy &
balance to the system, helps alleviate depression