A True Aromatherapy Blend
What is the difference between a true aromatherapy candle and those that call themselves

A true aromatherapy candle is a candle made of ALL NATURAL ingredients.
A true aromatherapy candle is made from essential oils not fragrance oils.
All natural wax is used, usually soy or beeswax, and a natural wick is used, usually cotton.
Most store bought candles which label themselves aromatherapy candles are not made of
essential oils or natural waxes. Some do not use all natural wicks and you can easily see the
zinc core in the wick they use.
They call themselves aromatherapy simply because they smell good.

Our aromatherapy candles are made using cotton wicks, soy wax, and true essential oils.
The essential oils are safe for use on the skin as opposed to fragrance oils which could be
harmful if placed on the skin.
The cost of aromatherapy candles is higher due to the use of essential oils.
Here is a sample of the cost difference between fragrance oil and essential oils.

Lavender   fragrance oil         $16.00/16oz
Lavender   essential oil           $72.00/16oz

Lavender is the most loved aromatic used in aromatherapy today.
Key qualities of Lavender: calming, relaxing, soothing, restorative, balancing, cleansing,
purifying, antidepressant